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Sunday, April 17, 2011

ReportViewer Print Button For Firefox and Google Chrome

Hi there
This is my new ReportViewer Print Button  For Firefox and Google Chrome...
Here i create simple dll.. hope u all can use it for your project ..

New domain :

Don't forget to put JQuery [you can download it here]
 n  download 
File name: printButtonDLL.rarFile size:5.88 KB

Full SourceCode Download
if anything you can comment below :) thanks!

this script you can place it on head tag..

Manual - >
 Step 2:

Step 3:
 Step 4:


Deivis said...

I'm getting a javascript error:
refTD is null
What can it be?

Sepul Lupes said...

hi.. about the error .. can u email me your sample source code?[at]

maybe your report name is invalid / wrong... but u can email me the code i'll check later

xname44 said...

it is not work with report viewer 2010 can u help me....

zer0xs said...

hi, please send me your sample source code then i can help u :)

xname44 said...

can i have ur email please

zer0xs said...[at]

xname44 said...

ok i have send the sample for u

xname44 said...

did u found any answer about my question???!!!

Pequeten said...

It's not working with Reportviewer10.0.0.0 Does it have a solution?

xname44 said...

anyone can answer about my question???!!!

zer0xs said...

hi still not working? am very sorry that very bz day.. have you send me an email?

Daryl Saavedra said...

Hi, I am using VS2010, the button shows outside the toolbar and it only do postback in chrome and firefox as well... is something I'm missing? Thanks

Sepul Lupes said...

yup. maybe javascript error.. you may check by using web developer tool (firefox) for js error

Heo Bay said...

Thanks for your great solution. But I can't download from the link. Can you check your link please. Or can you email me the dll

My email is

Thanks again

Ahmed Elbasiony said...

working with me but how i can set print frame
As laid out the screen automaticly

zer0xs said...

Hi... follow us on Facebook and Comment there.. i cannot help if you comment in this blog. thank you

Kiran Talluri said...

I am getting printButton assembly registration problem. Can u plz guide me to fix it??

Sepul Lupes said...

send me email (print screen / bugs info) @[at]

Alberto Caribe said...

I did a Donwload his example, but when I print in Chrome displays a blank page. How do I fix?

偉哥哥 said...

I got an error message in Chrome:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of null
How to fix it?

Jhony Irawan said...

not working in VS 2010

yusam899 said...

It is a dead link.
would you upload again?

gpx1981 said...

all links are dead.
anyone can send me the file?
please help ><

Sandeep Tk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandeep Tk said...

Sir,Checked Your Source Code But it shows an image of eye on browser if pc conected to internet how can I remove it?please Help Me.

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